Price List

We are Australian`s leading Transfers centre with equipment allowing us to transfer all format types.
We can transfer and duplicate home videos or cater to business needs.

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Video Tape transfers to DVD                Price
Up to 15 minutes                                       $19.80
15 minutes to 30 minutes                        $22.00
30 minutes to 1 hour                                 $27.50
1 hour to 1.5 hours                                    $33.00
1.5 hours to 2 hours                                  $38.50
2 hours to 2.5 hours                                  $44.00
2.5 hours to 3 hous                                    $49.50
3 hours to 3.5 hours                                   $57.75
3.5 hours to 4 hours                                   $66.00

8mm Film Reel to DVD                           Price
Regular & Super 8 mm                       From 36c per foot

Pricing is based on Standard Definition. POA for conversion to HighDefinition.

POA for sound footage to be transferred.
*There is a set up fee for cleaning and digitising.

Photos to Digital                                   Price
Negatives                                                   $0.75c ea
Still Photos                                               $0.90c ea
Slide shows                                               $0.85c ea

*Minumum 50. Photo scans are supplied on USB as high resolution .jpg images.

Digital Video Convertion                       Price
Iphone, Ipad, Android Video                             $10 per/GB
MiniDVD Dics                                                      $10 per side
MMC/SD & SDHC Cards                                 $10 per/GB
Camcorder Hard Drive                                      $10 per/GB
Still Camera Video                                            $10 per/GB
Digital Video Files                                              $10 per/GB

Pricing us per Gigabyte of Source Video converted to Standard Def DVD Video.
Minimum Charge $20.00.

Cassette Audio to CD                                Price
60min Cassette Audio Tapes to CD / MP3      $40.00 ea
90 Cassette Audio Tapes to CD / MP3             $45.00 ea
Audio Track separation                                           $1 per track

Extra services
Video Tape Repair                                                                          $40.00 ea
Extra DVD copies                                                                           $45.00 ea

Please refer to Pick up and Delivery Page on how to get your Media transfered from ANYWHERE in Australia.

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