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Worldwide Video Standards

PAL is the video standard used in Australia. Video Transfers offers you the service of converting non-PAL formatted media into playable media at home. Alternatively if you require us to convert PAL to NTSC to send overseas, we are also able to do this, too.

PAL = Phase Alternating Line

Developed by Walter Bruch at Telefunken (Germany) and used in much as western Europe, Asia, throughout the Pacific and southern Africa. PAL has a higher resolution than NTSC with 625 lines, but it runs at 25 frames per second.

NTSC = National Television Standards Committee

NTSC was first introduced in 1954 as the first set of standard protocols for television. It is used throughout the USA, Canada, Japan and elsewhere. NTSC has 525 lines displayed at 30 frames per second. It has a lower resolution than PAL or SECAM but a faster frame rate which reduces flicker.

SECAM = Sequential Couier Avec Memoire

SECAM was developed in France (predominantly a political decision) out of PAL and is used in France and territories, C.I.S., much of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa. This system uses the same resolution as PAL, 625 lines, and frame rate, 25 per second, but it is not compatible to PAL.