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Video Transfers

Digitizing your media makes it easily editable in video editing software such as Apple iMovie & Windows Live Movie Maker

Most importantly, with digital media, you can store your memories online in the cloud where it’s safe from floods, fires, & natural disasters that would otherwise permanently delete your memories

Transfer your 8mm film, Super 8 film, 16mm film, 35mm film, VHS, Beta, VHS-C, MiniDV, Hi8, Video 8, Digital 8, MicroMV and all other formats of film and consumer video to DVD and other modern digital media files and formats using our state-of-the-art professional equipment.

What if I am not from Melbourne?

If you live outside Melbourne, don’t worry just CLICK HERE download our form. Download, print and fill in our DVD transfer postal order form, send in your tapes or reel via express or Registered Post and leave us to do the magic! We will ring you as soon as we receive your order. We advise you to include a self-addressed express post bad with your order to avoid a postage and handling fee

We preserve your precious memories so you can easily store and share them however you want.

There are so many ways that vintage videotape can deteriorate or become unplayable, every tape has an expiration date and humidity doesn’t do them any good. By using a variety of professional recording decks, TBC machines, and sound mixers we specialise in restoring and digitising video so you can share them with clients, friends, and family. There are two ways we categorise your project, you can see both options below.

We evaluate the overall physical quality of your tape, clean, & prep for the utmost playback quality your tape can produce at no extra charge.

Don’t be afraid to come in with boxes full of video tape, we will gladly take on large orders and salvage your tapes before they become extinct…


“When I was a young girl, I wanted to be a nurse. 
From the first teddy I got, to the numerous teddies I received over the year, I treaded their sicknesses while also putting bandage on them when they fell. 
My dad would sneak in through my bedroom door and videotape me playing with my fluffy friends. When I was nine years old, I got my first nursing set for my birthday. Dad filmed me opening up my present. When I turned 16, I went to school to study nursing. 
Now, 10 years later, I work as a assisting nurse at the cancer centre in Melbourne. 
I’m tremendously happy about my dad being the filmmaker he was when I was little who caught my most important moments in life that years later confirmed more and more of who I was and what I wanted to be. Being able to digitise my memories, and moments that I don’t even remember and being able to feel the same feelings again, reflects on the great times of life. Over the years footage have not been that well being taken care of which has left then old and sometimes damaged, is truly satisfying. I’m very happy to have had Video transfers to help me with our family’s old home videos. Their staff is tremendously friendly and understandable.”
Sarah from Elsternwick.
“I look through my nanna’s closet when she died, trying to find a thing that would restore her memory. Instead, I ran into some tapes and films, which I have no idea how to use. Mom said these are video recordings of nanna when she was still strong, active and vibrant. I wanted to watch it but unfortunately it doesn’t work with our TV and computers. All I wished was to be able to see a glimpse of nanna, alive, strong and happy, even just in the video. I want the tapes to be taken cared of, handled smoothly and revived as fresh as new. I never knew it was possible, I never knew I could see her dancing when she was young, singing her old yet lovely favourite song. I missed her, but the revival of her memories in this generation makes her alive and real. The service at Video transfers was great! They transferred 10 of our old 8mm film to DVD and at least 25 VHS’s to DVDs to affordable prices.”
Katrina from Toorak